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The Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act (H. R. 218) of 2004 allows qualified retired law enforcement officers who have separated from the Division in good standing to carry a concealed weapon using a division-issued retirement identification card rather than obtaining a state permit. The resolution requires the officer to qualify with his/her firearm once every 12 months at his/her own expense by completing a course of fire that meets the same standard of the active duty officers from the department from which he/she retired.

To assist retired officers with the qualification process required to maintain the ability to carry a concealed weapon, the Training Academy offers two-hour qualification sessions for qualified retirees of the Division on a quarterly basis. Each retiree will be given two opportunities to qualify by successfully completing the approved twenty-four round course of fire currently used by the Division to qualify second weapons carried by its officers as outlined in Policy OSP 203.20, Response to Resistance. Each retiree will supply his/her own weapon and ammunition; targets and backing will be supplied by the Academy Range. Ballistic vests will be provided by the Academy and must be worn during the qualification. The retiree’s weapons will be unloaded upon arrival at the firing range and will be inspected by the Range Officer prior to qualifying to ensure the weapon is in good operating condition at the time. Retirees who successfully complete the course of qualification will be provided with a copy of the HP-15 firearms qualification form, with the original to be retained by the Academy.

Retirees wishing to qualify under the requirements of the Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act (H. R. 218) for the purpose of carrying a concealed weapon must submit a written request for approval (HP-15C) no later than 14 days prior to the applicable qualification session. Applicants not meeting the requirements of H. R. 218 will not be approved and the applicant will be notified by the Academy Range staff prior to the scheduled date. Applications received later than 14 days prior will be deferred to the next scheduled session. All applications must be approved by the Superintendent or Assistant Superintendent, Personnel Commander and the Academy Commandant prior to the scheduled qualification date.

Qualification dates will be held on the first Wednesday of the month to coincide with the traditional “Bean Day” lunch for retirees.

HP-15C Form

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