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OSHP Training

Firearms, Arrest and Self-Defense Tactics (FAST)

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This five-day course deals specifically with officer safety and survival. This course is designed to accommodate both men and women. In addition, a program for women only is offered which deals with specific issues that female officers face relative to their daily duties. Please note females can be enrolled in either training class below.

This course includes topics such as deadly errors, active shooter training, critical incident survival, firearms field trip, subject control tactics, cover and concealment, officer survival, psyche of survival, captured officer survival, react-fire-win, hostile environment reaction and simmunitions scenarios.

Equipment needed:

  • Service Weapon
  • 500 rounds/clean fire ammo
  • Protective body armor
  • Professional-casual clothing
  • Scuff clothing (BDU - 3 pair)
  • Gym clothing
  • Rain gear
  • Long-sleeve sweatshirt
  • Flashlight

Equipment provided:

  • Shotguns
  • Shotgun ammunitions

Training Schedule

  • No. 23(Female Only): June 17 - 21, 2019
  • No. 111: September 30 - October 04, 2019

Course Details

  • Class size: 30
  • Meals provided: Yes
  • Lodging provided: When available; please contact the Academy Scheduler at (614) 466-4896.
  • Cost: $125 (Your agency will be billed after completion. No payments will be accepted prior to course completion.)


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Ohio State Highway Patrol
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