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Criminal Patrol/Drug Interdiction

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This two-day course is designed to introduce patrol officers to baseline techniques in detecting and apprehending criminals who utilize our streets and highways to conduct criminal activity.

The course includes instruction on driving behaviors, roadside interviews, hidden compartments, commercial/large vehicle interdiction, report writing/court testimony, officer safety and legal review.

Instruction for the course will be provided by the OSHP Criminal Patrol Unit and veteran troopers who are actively engaged in criminal interdiction on a daily basis.

Training Schedule

  • No. 80: February 06 - 07, 2019
  • No. 81: November 13 - 14, 2019

Course Details

  • Class size: 100
  • Meals provided: Yes
  • Lodging provided: When available; please contact the Academy Scheduler at (614) 466-4896.
  • Cost: None


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