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Basic Peace Officer Training

The Basic Peace Officer curriculum meets all the required standards for basic law enforcement training in Ohio. The students are provided with quality instruction in all subject matters prescribed by the Ohio Peace Officer Training Commission. Additional advanced training is provided in several subject areas critical to the successful job performance of the modern law enforcement officer.

A special emphasis is placed on human relations training and on developing the officer’s most frequently used skills. Experts in the many fields of criminal justice are brought to the Academy to present qualified instruction in their critical subject areas. Every officer is given specialized instruction in:

  • emergency vehicle operations,
  • firearms proficiency and safety,
  • self-defense tactics,
  • physical conditioning,
  • standardized field sobriety testing, and
  • electronic speed measuring devices

Applications for Basic Peace Officer Classes will be made available to agencies approximately 90 days prior to the class commencing. Classes will be limited to 40 trainees and the roster will be filled by the first 40 completed applications received. In addition, a physical fitness assessment must be completed. As prerequisites for admission into the Basic Peace Officer training program mandatory physical fitness standards have been established by the Ohio Police Officer Training Commission (O.P.O.T.C.). Applicants must now be evaluated by the School Commander and a certified Physical Fitness instructor for strict compliance prior to the scheduled Opening School Audit. If the applicant does not meet the minimum criteria, their continuance in the training program will not be considered and they will not be added to the current roster.

Each student must bring a service handgun and 2,500 rounds of non-frangible, copper jacketed, clean-fire/reduced lead ammunition. This ammunition should be of a weight in grains comparable to the agency’s duty ammunition. In addition, each student must bring an agency shotgun if other than a Remington 870, two cases of buckshot ammunition and one case of slug ammunition.

NOTE: The Basic Peace Officer Training course requires a special application. The agency sponsoring an individual should apply for entry to Basic Peace Officer Training; send email correspondence to OSHP_Academy@dps.ohio.gov.

Training Schedule

  • No. 145: August 2021 - January 2022
  • No. 146: August 2021 - January 2022 TO BE DETERMINED

Course Details

  • Class size: 40
  • Meals provided: Yes
  • Lodging provided: Yes


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