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L.I.F.E. – Life Improvements For Everyone

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The goal of the 3 day L.I.F.E. training program is to help individuals improve their duty assignments and to live a longer healthier life. To reach this goal, our staff will provide classes on developing individualized workout programs, knowledge on nutrition, health risks associated with being overweight, stress management, and information on typical law enforcement injuries.

Physical fitness and good health form the basis of physical readiness. Physical readiness is, in turn, essential to the job performance of a police officer. Additional goals of L.I.F.E. is to instill confidence with the will to win, develop a goal setting mindset, integrate personal workout programs, and the belief they can change their lifestyles. Each morning, the students will start off the day with a dynamic warm-up. This warm-up is designed to prepare the officer for physical training and can be a workout in itself. Each day will consist of the student developing their own workout session. The students will also experience various physical fitness sessions each day. None of the workouts will be extreme; students will be eased into new workout routines so that they do not get discouraged prior to completing the training.

The Academy staff seeks the development of all individuals' physical attributes to the fullest extent of their potential. This will instill confidence in their ability to perform regular workout routines with a positive mindset.

Training Schedule

  • No. 1: February 25 - 27, 2019

Course Details

  • Class size: 20
  • Meals provided: Yes
  • Lodging provided: When available; please contact the Academy Scheduler at (614) 466-4896.
  • Cost: None


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