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Salvage & Self-Assembled Vehicle Inspections


Before a self-assembled vehicle or a salvage vehicle can be titled in Ohio, an inspection of the vehicle must be completed by the Ohio State Highway Patrol to verify the ownership of all parts and to review all required documentation. The inspection is not intended to certify the vehicle’s safety or the quality of workmanship.

Each inspection requires a separate $50 fee, which may be paid at any BMV Deputy Registrar location. Anyone needing a vehicle inspection shall:

  1. Obtain a receipt for the inspection at any BMV Deputy Registrar location.
  2. Schedule a salvage inspection by using the link above or by calling your local inspection location. You must be prompt when reporting for the inspection to avoid being rescheduled.

Inspection Procedures

The applicant may drive the vehicle, without registration, to and from the inspection facility with a salvage inspection receipt.

  • The vehicle must be completely rebuilt and ready for highway operation as required by state law (ORC section 4513).
  • Before either a salvage or self-assembled inspection is conducted, all receipts and documents will be examined. The inspection will not be completed if any are incomplete, incorrect, or missing.
  • The person presenting the vehicle for inspection will be permitted in the inspection area only when authorized by the inspecting officer.
  • The applicant may be instructed to remove certain body parts from the vehicle before arriving for inspection. During the inspection, it may be necessary to remove certain parts to allow examination of Vehicle Identification Numbers (VIN). It may also be necessary to leave the vehicle overnight.
  • Any vehicle or component part bearing a VIN or VIN derivative determined to be stolen/missing or altered will result in the vehicle being impounded and held as evidence and/or seized for forfeiture.

Failure to meet all the requirements as set forth above will necessitate rescheduling the inspection. The State of Ohio assumes no liability for any damage resulting from removing parts to permit examination or for any damage resulting from replacement of these parts.

Required Documentation

The applicant may drive the vehicle, without registration, to and from the inspection facility with a salvage inspection receipt. Applicants must bring:

  1. The receipt for the $50 inspection fee.
  2. Titles, receipts and/or documentation of the source for the replaced “major component parts” (see list below), which includes the VIN of the source vehicle. Receipts for parts should include the name, address and phone number of the seller. If receipts are from a casual sale from an individual, they must be notarized. Photocopies or faxed receipts are not acceptable.

The inspection officer may require receipts or documentation for any part of questionable origin (4505.11 ORC).

For salvage vehicles: Applicant must bring Ohio salvage title in the name of the person applying for title. Assigned titles and out-of-state salvage titles cannot be accepted.

For self-assembled vehicles:

  • When “kits” are used, the manufacturer’s certificate of origin or a complete parts list must be presented.
  • A manufacturer’s certificate of origin is required for most new motorcycle engines, transmissions and frames.

Major Component Parts List

Receipts may be required for any parts with a fair market value of $100 or more. Any parts presented that are questionable or missing Vehicle Identification Numbers are subject to seizure.

  • Engine Hood
  • Deck Lid Transmission
  • Bumper Tailgate
  • Front Fenders Doors
  • Hatchback Rear Quarters
  • Rear Door Frame
  • Dash Air Bag(s)

Frequently Asked Questions

You may also call the Salvage Central Line at 844-610-0010 for general questions.

  • Are receipts from EBAY/PAYPAL accepted?
    No. You must have original receipts.
  • Does the owner of the vehicle have to bring the vehicle to the inspection?
  • Is an assigned title acceptable?
    No. The name on the front of the title must be the current owner of the vehicle.
  • If I fail the inspection, will I have to pay another $50?
    No. You will be told what needs to be corrected and you will not forfeit your inspection receipt until those corrections are made.
  • How do I obtain a salvage title?
    You must apply for a salvage title at a local clerk of courts title office.

Permanent Inspection Sites

8210 County Road 140, Suite D 
Findlay, OH 45840
(419) 423-2957

1275 Experiment Farm Road #D 
Troy, OH 45373
(937) 335-6412

9971 Cincinnati - Dayton Road 
West Chester, OH 45069
(513) 777-5547

1653 Marion Road
Bucyrus, OH  44820
(419) 563-0272

1583 Alum Creek Drive 
Columbus, OH 43209
(614) 644-1667

25 McCarty Lane
Jackson, OH 45640
(740) 286-3457

5225 W 140th Street
Brook Park, OH 44142
(216) 265-1677

3424 Parkman Road
Southington, OH 44470
(330) 898-2894 

95 Wildflower Drive 
New Concord, OH 43762
(740) 826-1030

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