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Save lives. Help others. Serve your community. Join our winning team.

Colonel Richard S. Fambro
Message from the

Since 1933, we have trained thousands of men and women to protect and serve Ohio. Our troopers have each played a role in creating our rich history, and you can too.

After completing the finest law enforcement training available, you’ll also have the tools for success. With continued hard work, years of experience, and in-service training, you can help ensure our ability to rise to future challenges.

A trooper shakes a young boy's hand
Serving the
With only about 1,600 officers working to protect 11.7 million Ohio residents, cooperation in our communities helps us make roads safer.
A trooper saluting
Highway Patrol

We share a mission, our troopers have different reasons for serving.

Look Behind the Badge
An OSHP cruiser on the highway at night
Join Us For A
Ride Along

Troopers provide service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. During a ride along, you will see many important parts of a our job like helping stranded motorists, enforcing traffic laws, and responding to crashes.

Ride Along