Ohio State Highway Patrol Dispatcher



Job Duties

  • Receives and transmits radio communications
  • Dispatches patrol officers and operates equipment for the purpose of law enforcement, traffic control, accident investigation, motorist assistance and security on behalf of the Ohio Department of Public Safety and other state agencies
  • Operates the Law Enforcement Automated Data System (LEADS) terminal which will receive and transmit messages
  • Interprets messages received and routes the information to the appropriate person
  • Maintain radio log, prepares and types reports, maintains proper files for correspondences and reports
  • Receives and records all telephone calls
  • Provides information and/or directions to the general public
  • Greets and assists visitors to the patrol facility
  • Provides liaison services to the area communities and other public agencies. Performs other related duties as required
  • Performs other related duties as required

Career Opportunities

  • CAD Specialist
  • Dispatcher Supervisor
  • CAD Administrator
  • Dispatcher Manager


  • Pay Range: $21.88 – $26.64
  • Note – This position may be required to travel to other dispatch centers as needed


  • Health Insurance
  • State paid life insurance
  • OSTA Union
  • Deferred Comp
  • Workers compensation protection
  • Ohio Public Employees Retirement System (OPERS)
  • Two to Six weeks paid vacation per year
  • Ten paid days of sick leave per year
  • Four personal leave days per year
  • Ten paid holidays per year
  • Tuition reimbursement program
  • Uniforms and dry cleaning provided
  • Occupational injury leave


Unusual Working Conditions

  • Works weekends and holidays with rotating days off
  • Individual could be confined to work area and sitting for long periods of time at a personal computer terminal
  • Dispatch area could have constant noise from telephone ringing and radio traffic
  • Individual could be exposed to stressful working conditions involving performance of multiple, critical tasks simultaneously to ensure the safety and welfare of highway patrol units and the general public

Minimum Qualifications

  • High School Diploma or GED
  • Reading, writing and proficient at the English language
  • 1 course or 3 months experience in typing, operating a personal computer and word processing or equivalent of minimum class qualifications for employment noted above

Agency Preferred Qualifications

  • Knowledge of law enforcement procedures; 6 mos. exp. in public relations; 12 mos. exp. in operation of computer. Valid Ohio Class "D" Driver License.


Possible Disqualifiers

The following occurrences in your background could result in rejection of your application:

  • Have you, recently used any of the following that was not prescribed by a physician: speed, steroids, cocaine, crack, heroin, amphetamines, or any other drug of abuse?
  • Have you recently used marijuana?
  • Have you ever sold or established pattern abuse of any of the following: heroin, cocaine, LSD, crack, crank, or PCP?
  • Have you pled Guilty or No Contest to or had a conviction for driving under the influence of alcohol and or drugs within the past five years, or more than one charge ever?
  • Are you currently in the Pretrial process for any criminal charge other than a traffic violation?
  • Do you currently have six or more points on your driving record in any jurisdiction, or are you under a curent driving suspension? (i.e. judgement, SR22, FRA, non-compliance ALS, child support)
  • Have you ever been convicted of or plead Guilty or No Contest to the following:
    • Aggravated Vehicular Homicide (2903.06 Ohio Revised Code)
    • Aggravated Vehicular Assault (2903.08 Ohio Revised Code)
  • Have you ever failed to meet the requirements of child support statutes, or a court order relating to the subject, due to a reason other than your inability to pay?
  • Have you ever been a participant in any of the following acts?
    • Sexual relations with a child or a person of a childlike mind
    • Molestation
    • Voyeurism
    • Incest
    • Forced a person into a sexual act
    • Coerced a person into a sexual act by intimidation, intoxication, deception
    • Sexual relations with a child or a person of a childlike mind
  • Have you ever been convicted of domestic violence or a domestic violence related offense?

Answering yes to any of the questions presented above will NOT result in the rejection of your application at this time. However, if you decide to continue with the selection process, your application may be rejected after an official review of your application packet by the Highway Patrol Screening Committee. You may decide to either continue processing and possibly be rejected at that time, or you may voluntarily withdraw from the selection process by notifying a Recruitment officer. This is not an all-inclusive list, as there may be other reasons your application could be rejected.



To be considered for a position as a Highway Patrol Dispatcher, the applicant must successfully complete the following:


District Map

OSP Hub – Dispatch Management

Adrienne J. Sheffer
CAD Administrator

Dispatcher Supervisors

Laura Windbigler
Columbus Communications Center

Cheryl Pratt
Findlay District


Denise Blue
Findlay District

Wendy Bowling
Bucyrus District

Jacquelyn S. Martin
Bucyrus District

Davius Reichelderfer
Bucyrus District

Jennifer Pakish
Cleveland District

Dina Slager
Cleveland District

Dorothy O’Neil-Meleski

Dorothy O’Neil-Meleski
Warren District

Amy Zatvarnicky
Warren District

Dane Mowen
Piqua District

Jason Hack
Piqua District

Heather Evans
Columbus District

Kristi Jones
Columbus District

James M. Stegner
Columbus District

Jennifer Moran
Cambridge District

Patty Downing
Wilmington District

Julie Jackson
Wilmington District

Hiring – Once an applicant has successfully passed the Criticall test, they are placed in a pool for the dispatch center locations they listed on their application. Once an opening occurs at a facility, applications are reviewed and selections are made for interviews.

Training – Training for new dispatchers is 60 days with an additional 5 days if the dispatcher is hired as a traveler. The dispatcher is required to work 10 days on each of the three shifts and the remaining 30 days are scheduled by the dispatcher supervisor and trainer. The dispatcher is also required to attend Dispatch Orientation, Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) class in Columbus, Ohio, and two days of riding in a patrol car with a uniformed officer.

Dispatchers bid for shifts in three month increments. Every six months, dispatchers bid for the following six month period, broken up into two segments of approximately three months each. Shift bidding is completed by seniority.

Questions? Contact OSP Hub – Dispatch Management at 614-799-4656 or mwarren@dps.ohio.gov