Patrol Auxiliary


The Ohio State Highway Patrol Auxiliary is an all-volunteer force that provides assistance to troopers in the course of their duties. Crash scene and traffic stop assistance, traffic control, disaster relief and special detail support are among the duties of an Auxiliary officer.

The OSHP Auxiliary was formed in 1942 when many commissioned troopers began entering the armed forces during World War II. At that time, membership was limited to members of the American Legion, which was largely made up of war veterans unlikely to be drafted into service.

After the war, the Auxiliary was a critical component of Ohio's Civil Defense Plan, with officers assigned to vital crossroads to assist with evacuation and convoy movement.

Today, Auxiliary members contribute thousands of hours in an assortment of functions. Each is required to log a minimum of 120 hours per year to remain active. Current requirements to become an Auxiliary are:

Applicants must pass a medical exam, which must be conducted by a physician at their own expense. Applicants must also pass written and physical tests. Auxiliary members are required to conform to grooming standards and purchase a uniform.

Physical Agility Test

To be conducted at a local Highway Patrol post:

Background Investigation

The following issues in an applicant’s background may result in rejection of an application:

To inquire about a possible position in the OSHP Auxiliary, call your nearest Patrol post, email, or apply online.