Trooper standing outside cruiser
Get Ready for
Cadet Life

Our academy training is designed to measure cadets’ ability to perform under stress. They experience confinement, discipline, regimentation, and the stress of being away from their families.

Support from family and friends is vital to cadets’ success. Lack of support and encouragement from home is a major cause of cadet resignations. It may be very difficult being away from home. Many husbands and wives have never had the sole responsibility of caring for home and family. If a family, especially a cadet’s spouse, is aware of the possibility of these problems, they are easier to deal with, and the cadet is more likely to successfully complete our training.

We also strongly recommend cadets begin a training program prior to entering our academy. The program should include:

  • long-distance running
  • upper and lower body strength including push-ups and sit-ups, and
  • flexibility.