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Providing service with respect starts with quality professional training for the Ohio State Highway Patrol, as well as our partners throughout the law enforcement community. The Patrol Training Academy offers a schedule of diverse courses that illustrate our commitment to providing the pinnacle of law enforcement training not only in Ohio, but throughout the nation. Our curriculum features and reflects upon the technological and societal issues our law enforcement officers and agencies are facing every day.

Click HERE to learn more about training opportunities.

Regional Training

The Regional Training Unit (RTU) is an extension of the Highway Patrol Training Academy and is an outreach-training program sponsored by the Ohio Department of Public Safety. RTU offers the opportunity for our Ohio law enforcement partners to attend much needed training in their regional areas without requiring travel to Columbus.


The Recruitment Office is responsible for recruiting the next generation of troopers for the Ohio State Highway Patrol. Recruitment staff:

  • Develop strategic, targeted recruiting initiatives based on the personnel needs of the Division;
  • Respond to potential applicant inquiries;
  • Represent the Division at college and career fairs;
  • Facilitate written and physical fitness testing; and
  • Oversee application processing for all trooper applicants.

Recruiters also provide support and guidance to applicants as they move through the application process. Click HERE to learn more about a career as a trooper for the Ohio State Highway Patrol.


The Diversity Office supports the Ohio State Highway Patrol's commitment to developing and maintaining an organizational culture that celebrates the diversity and talents of our current and future employees. The Diversity Office is responsible for:

  • Reviewing and revising existing policies to enhance professional operations;
  • Developing and expanding training opportunities for all personnel;
  • Continuing the Division's investment in leadership development;
  • Serving as the Division's representative with community organizations; and
  • Assisting in the recruitment of the next generation of troopers.

In addition, the Diversity Office oversees the Division's diversity core planning team. Comprised of employees representing a variety of positions and backgrounds, the core planning team meets on a regular basis to develop and implement the Division's diversity goals. Click HERE to contact the OSHP Diversity Office.

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