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The Federal Highway Safety Act of 1966 directed the U.S. Department of Transportation to administer various highway safety programs. This grant program provides federal funds administered through the Ohio Department of Public Safety, Ohio State Highway Patrol (OSHP) and Ohio Traffic Safety Office (OTSO) to eligible entities to be used for such projects as traffic safety education, enforcement and engineering. Funds are used for highway safety support based on problem identification to reduce overall fatal and injury crashes. Click HERE to learn more.

Administrative Audits

The Administrative Audits section of Planning, Research, and Development conducts yearly Administrative Audits and Risk Assessments for all OSP sections. Administrative Audits and Risk Assessments are scheduled every other year, so the Division Auditor visits every section every year. Visits are necessary to ensure policy and CALEA compliance, adherence to Division goals and objectives, and to perform an in-depth assessment of overall facility operations. Additionally, our reports provide a uniform reporting and comparison method for evaluating efficiency, additional resource needs, and trend identification.

Specifically, Administrative Audits are comprised of a detailed two-year review of Breath Testing, Facility Issues, Motor Vehicle Oversight, Payroll & Overtime Accountability, Training Records, Warrants, Towed Vehicles, Records Management, Recovered Property & Evidence, Crash Reports, Case Investigations, and Leadership.

Risk Assessments are a detailed two-year review of Supervisory Video Reviews, Racial Bias Reporting, Complaint Documentation, and Administrative Investigations. Additionally, the Division Auditor will review several recent videos in order to evaluate operations, officer safety, and adherence to Division policies.

Risk Assessment and Management

The Risk Management Unit (RMU) is responsible for identifying, minimizing and controlling the exposure to all types of hazards, risks and losses related to the Division and its employees during the performance of their duties on behalf of the general public. The RMU accomplishes this through continuous education, participation and communication with Division personnel and the public, with the end goal of improved officer safety, superior professional operations, reduced liability, limited negative financial impact to the Division and maximized service to the citizens of Ohio.


The Policy Development Unit maintains and develops policy and procedures that guide the operation of the Ohio State Highway Patrol. The unit also maintains and updates all forms, brochures, pamphlets and decals that are produced and stocked for the Highway Patrol.

The Ohio State Highway Patrol is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies, Inc. (CALEA). The accreditation process helps ensure the Ohio State Highway Patrol meets national standards of best practices in all areas of its operations. The Accreditation Unit is responsible for managing and coordinating the Highway Patrol's accreditation program to ensure compliance with CALEA standards.

Statistical Analysis

The primary role of the Statistical Analysis Unit (SAU) is to provide strategic operational planning to senior staff and field commanders to more effectively and efficiently utilize the Division's limited resources through the use of mapping, empirical research and statistical analysis. SAU manages Geographic Information System (GIS) data to construct complex spatial analyses that identify hot spots related to traffic crashes and criminal activity. Commanders use that information to accurately target problem areas with the goal of increasing traffic safety and quickly removing criminals from Ohio roadways. SAU also coordinates various management information systems including data on searches, functional activity, crashes and arrests to produce monthly and annual reports of Patrol activity and provides risk management support related to patrol car crashes, professional operations and administrative investigations. Click HERE for current statewide statistics.

Central Records

Central Records section The Ohio State Highway Patrol maintains criminal investigation reports taken by troopers and Ohio Investigative Unit agents. The section also maintains complete crash reports and crash photographs from crashes investigated by the Ohio State Highway Patrol only.

Maintains all records of completed aircraft and traffic crashes, case investigations, background investigations and polygraphs, and oversees requests for public information/records for the Ohio State Highway Patrol, including the Ohio Investigative Unit.

Photo Lab

The Photographic Services Unit is responsible for oversight of the Division's evidentiary photographic and digital imaging services infrastructure. The laboratory's principal responsibilities include image acquisition, image management, file security and output of images from crashes and criminal investigations captured by personnel statewide. Annually, over 1.3 million electronic image files are managed and nearly 13,000 requests are honored.

Event Planning

The Special Events Unit is responsible for coordinating and managing Division events, such as graduations, memorial ceremonies, annual conferences and meetings. The Special Events Unit is also responsible for all communications and networking in support of special events and assists with the development of new opportunities to promote traffic safety.


The Traffic Statistics Section processes, compiles, analyzes and publishes statistics relative to Ohio's motor vehicle crashes. Nearly 300,000 crash reports are submitted annually. Every law enforcement agency in Ohio investigating a motor vehicle crash involving a fatality, personal injury or property damage participates in this effort. The FARS (Fatality Analysis Reporting System) Unit analyzes each traffic fatality in Ohio. Crash information is then entered into a system maintained by the federal government.


The Ohio State Highway Patrol Auxiliary is an all-volunteer force that provides assistance to troopers in the course of their duties. Crash scene and traffic stop assistance, traffic control, disaster relief and special detail support are among the duties of an Auxiliary officer. Click HERE to learn more.


The primary role of the Historical Preservation Unit is to collect, preserve and display historical artifacts and to research and document the rich history of the Ohio State Highway Patrol. Personnel act as the primary curators of the Ohio State Highway Patrol Training Academy's Robert M. Chiaramonte Heritage Hall, where collections of images, artifacts and information are routinely displayed for exhibition. Click HERE to learn more about OSHP history.

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