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Since 1948, the Ohio State Highway Patrol Aviation Section has been supporting citizens of Ohio from above. With a modern fleet of 11 Cessna 182s, three Airbus helicopters, one Cessna Grand Caravan, and one GA-8 Airvan, and with an array of sophisticated camera technology, we provide a full variety of services to public safety entities throughout Ohio. In addition to aerial traffic enforcement, the Aviation Section also assists public safety agencies throughout the state with missing and criminal searches, intelligence surveillance and reconnaissance missions, time sensitive relays, and other services that can only be provided from an aerial platform.

Licensing and Commercial Standards

Motor Carrier Enforcement

The Motor Carrier Enforcement Unit's primary function is to ensure the safe operation of commercial motor vehicles within the state of Ohio. This goal is achieved through education and enforcement of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations and PUCO Safety Rules. Commercial motor vehicle troopers and motor carrier enforcement inspectors conduct these inspections.

The unit is also responsible for enforcement of size and weight laws relating to commercial vehicles. The unit has 12 portable scale teams located throughout the state. A scale team consists of a load limit inspector trooper and two load limit inspectors. There are also 10 fixed scale facilities located throughout the state. All interstate scale facilities are equipped with an electronic clearance system known as PrePass. Commercial motor vehicles equipped with Prepass will receive an electronic in-cab signal informing the driver whether to pull into the scale or permit the driver to bypass the scale facility. The PrePass signal overrides the posted signs for all trucks including hazardous material placarded vehicles.

Education of law enforcement agencies and trucking companies is a proactive function of the Motor Carrier Enforcement Unit. The unit presents commercial vehicle safety and familiarization education classes. This no cost training is for law enforcement agencies desiring to become more involved in commercial vehicle enforcement.

The Motor Carrier Enforcement Unit partners with several trucking companies to staff static displays around the state. These displays promote highway safety and sharing the road safely with commercial vehicles.

Mandatory Bus Inspection

Mandatory bus inspection receipts are available for purchase at any Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicle Deputy Registrar Office.

Click HERE for a list of OSHP mandatory commercial bus inspection sites.

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Motor Vehicle Inspection

The Motor Vehicle Inspection Unit responsibilities include:

  • The licensing of private pupil transportation providers
  • Rules and regulations for the construction and inspection of school buses
  • Inspection criteria for church buses
  • The laws and administrative codes regulating motor vehicle equipment standards
  • Salvage and self-assembled vehicle inspections (salvage sites below)
  • Inspection of driver training schools

The Motor Vehicle Inspection Unit inspects more than 23,000 Ohio school buses at least twice a year. The inspectors certify school buses are compliant with all federal and state rules and regulations, thereby ensuring the safety of every child who rides those buses to and from school and school-related events during the year. School buses that do not pass inspections are immediately removed from service until repairs are made.

Inspectors also conduct roadside motor vehicle inspections and annual church bus inspections. In addition, more than 49,000 salvage vehicle inspections conducted each year aide in detecting stolen vehicles and parts.

A representative of the Motor Vehicle Inspection Unit chairs the Ohio School Bus Construction Standards Advisory Committee. The unit also conducts pupil safety and transportation workshops around the state in partnership with the Ohio Department of Education, the Ohio School Bus Mechanics Association and the Ohio Association of Pupil Transportation.

Salvage Inspection

Receipts for a salvage inspection are available for purchase at any Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicle Deputy Registrar Office.

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Crash Reconstruction

The Crash Reconstruction unit provides technical crash assistance and expert testimony in criminal and civil cases resulting from crashes investigated by the Division, as well as many other law enforcement agencies throughout the state. They are trained in the use of technologically advanced equipment relating to crash reconstruction and are responsible for establishing and maintaining a continuing education program for technical crash investigators and reconstructionists throughout the state.

Special Response Team

The Ohio State Highway Patrol maintains a full-time tactical unit designated, Special Response Team (SRT). In April of 1990, plans were developed to form a Special Response Team by a committee of officers assigned by then Ohio State Highway Patrol Superintendent, Thomas Rice. Colonel Rice saw the need for a rapid response team that could handle unusual situations that required more training, and specialized equipment than that of a field trooper. The plans were drafted that September, leading to the formation of the Ohio State Highway Patrol Special Response Team.

In August of 2010, the Special Response Team was transitioned to a full-time, full-service, tactical unit. This move was due to the increase in calls for service, the ever changing criminal environment and the constant requests from outside agencies for mutual aid assistance. The unit is comprised of the team commander, tactical commander, an executive officer, and four seven person squads consisting of a sergeant (squad leader) and six troopers, for a total of 31 team members for state-wide response. The teams training and capabilities include but are not limited to:

  • High Risk Warrant Service
  • Hostage Rescue
  • Incident Containment
  • Executive Protection
  • Drug Raid Confiscations to include methamphetamine labs
  • Prison Incident Response
  • Barricade Suspect
  • Vehicle Assaults (car, bus, plane)
  • Mobile Field Force Support for Riot Response
  • Rappel Master Certified/Confined Space Recovery
  • Weapons of Mass Destruction, Technician Level Tactical Responders
  • Explosive, Ballistic, Mechanical Breaching Capabilities
  • Police Instructors/Trainers
  • Less Lethal: Chemical, Kinetic, NFDD

The team is equipped with a variety of tactical gear that will assist them in all types of deployments in any kind of terrain or weather conditions. Vehicles are assigned to SRT and the team can be transported via these specialized vehicles or aircraft anywhere in the state. Members are required to carry an Incident Response Pack (IRP) with them at all times for immediate deployment.

The team took delivery in July 2006 of two Lenco B.E.A.R. armored vehicles, one equipped with the Mobile Adjustable Ramp System (MARS). The team has two specialized equipment trucks which contain all the essential equipment needed for any tactical operation.

Some of the other specialized equipment includes: thermal imagers, pole cameras, night vision equipment, quick cut saws, robots, SCBA and chemical suits for WMD/Hazmat operations, UAV's and explosives for breaching. The vast majority of the equipment utilized by SRT has been purchased through the drug forfeiture accounts.


The team has been utilized for controlled deliveries, barricades, hostage incidents, high-risk warrant service, executive protection, crowd/riot situations, and other critical incident deployments. In addition, the team is frequently requested by other agencies in Ohio for assistance. SRT members are deputized by the US Marshals Service and work with the task forces in all major cities in Ohio.

The Special Response Team is an active team within the National Tactical Officers Association (NTOA), Ohio Tactical Officers Association (OTOA), and officers attend training and conferences on a regular basis.

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