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For Immediate Release: November 19, 2007
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Patrol reports highly successful enforcement initiative in Cuyahoga County

CLEVELAND – Ohio State Highway Patrol troopers cited 592 aggressive drivers and assisted 211 motorists during the month-long Cuyahoga County Metropolitan Initiative (CCMI) which ran from Oct. 15 though Nov. 16. During the initiative aimed at reducing fatal and injury crashes in urban areas, troopers issued 2,266 citations, of which 442 were for safety belt violations. Three drivers were arrested for impaired driving.

In addition to traffic safety, the metro initiative is focused on interdicting drugs and criminals off of Ohio roadways. The current effort resulted in 15 criminal cases, such as one when a vehicle was stopped for a speed violation and a passenger in the vehicle was found to have a felony warrant for receiving stolen property.

“This completes the fourth time that troopers have patrolled the Cuyahoga County metro area in the past two-years,” Colonel Richard H. Collins, Patrol superintendent said. “Through cooperative state and local law enforcement efforts we are seeing successes in Cuyahoga County. This law enforcement goal and plan is to improve traffic safety and the quality of life for people using Cuyahoga County’s roadways.”

The CCMI employed a combination of high-visibility enforcement, multi-agency OVI deterrence, and a strategic public information campaign to promote traffic safety on Cuyahoga County roads. This initiative followed after a successful two-week initiative in July that produced 83 aggressive driving arrests, 14 OVI arrests and 586 citations.

The CCMI was developed last year because Cuyahoga County had the most fatal crashes among all Ohio Counties, killing 68 motorists. Over the last four years Cuyahoga County has had more than 150,000 traffic crashes. More than one in four of these crashes have involved an injury or death, an average of one injury or fatal crash every 52 minutes. There have been 243 fatal crashes resulting in 264 deaths in the past four years on Cuyahoga County roadways.

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