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OSHP | Local Marketing

Local-Level Safety Marketing Programs that Get Results

This on-line safety marketing program catalog contains information on local-level safety marketing programs that have proven successful in addressing key areas of the 24/7 Initiative. The Public Affairs Unit is providing this on-line catalog to improve internal communication and share ideas and programs across the state that can help address local problems and make a positive difference in local communities. When possible, supplemental materials including artwork/designs, PowerPoint presentations, videos, etc., are available with each program narrative listed on this site.

Commanders interested in finding out more about these programs, can either contact the originating Patrol post, or Jessica Pierson in the Public Affairs Unit via email, or (614) 752-4331. Members of the Public Affairs Unit are also available to assist with the development and implementation of local-level safety marketing programs to assist commanders in achieving the 24/7 Initiative's goals.

We will continuously be adding new and innovative local programs to this site, and commanders are encouraged to contact Jessica Pierson if they are interested in sharing program information on this site with their colleagues around Ohio.

Local-Level Safety Marketing Programs that Get Results Poster

Teen Driving

  • High School Math & Physics Classes
  • Drive to Survive - Teen Offender Education
  • Driver Examination Stations
  • Edheads
  • High School Parking Permit Program
  • Black Box Monitoring Device
  • STOPPED Program
  • Keep It Safe Program
  • TESTS Program
  • AAA Driver Improvement Program Traffic School
  • Dairy Queen reward coupons (Safety Belt Compliance)
  • House Bill 343 Poster
  • Remembering Annie Guccione
  • Teen Tragedy Videos


  • Low Manpower OVI Checkpoints
  • Every 15 Minutes

Targeted Enforcement

  • Rolling PSI/PBI
  • Adopt-A-Route
  • Troopers-N-Townships
  • Trumbull County Traffic Initiative (TCTSI)
  • Toledo Signs

Local Business Partnerships & Community Outreach

  • Safety messages on local bank envelopes
  • McDonald's Partnership
  • Newspaper Quizzes
  • Wear Your Seatbelt . . . And You Just Might Win a Car
  • Movie Theater Ads
  • Oil Change Stickers
  • I am a Safety Kid
  • Bengals, CPD and OSP
  • Ohio Turnpike Commision and OSP
  • Child Safety Seat Give-away
  • Kelly Pavlik/OSP PSA

Motorcycle Safety

  • Motorcycle Testing
  • North Coast Motorcycle Memorial Safety Ride
  • Ride Smart. Drive Smart.
  • Newspaper Ad
  • Crash Handout Cards

Handouts, Cards and Posters

  • Garfield Safety Belt Poster for youngsters
  • Local Crash Handouts
  • LifeStat Statistic Cards
  • Safety Belt Cards
  • Calendars
  • Teen Driving Myths

Safety Education PowerPoint Presentations

  • OSHP: Safety Net for Ohio Law Enforcement

Mature Drivers

  • Partnership with AAA for Mature Drivers
  • Sandusky Partnership

PowerPoint Presentations

  • Patrol Overview
  • Safety Belts
  • Speeding/Aggressive Driving
  • Impaired Driving
  • Mature Drivers
  • Teen Driving
  • Traffic Safety Tips
  • Motorcycles

Adult Drivers

  • Educational Class



Teen Driving

Teen Driving

2010 Handout - Drive by the rules

2010 Posters - Buckle-up, Drive Responsibly, No Texting

Mock Crash Handouts - Teen Driving Myths

Posters - Teen Driving Myths

High School Math and Physics Classes – Tpr. John C. Thorne III of the Batavia Post has developed a PowerPoint presentation for high school math and physics classes to show the relationship between speed and crashes, using common formulas being taught to the students. The teachers and schools have been extremely positive and appreciative of the presentation. Troopers from the Batavia Post provide these class presentations.
Batavia Math-Physics Presentation.ppt

Drive to Survive –Teen Offender Education – The Warren Post has developed a program similar to Carteens, but expanded the class to involve at least one parent of the young, first-time violator. The court supports the program by sentencing the offenders to attend. A post trooper designed the PowerPoint presentation to include numerous pictures of area crashes. Also, the post developed a, “Traffic Safety Pyramid,” with traffic safety tips for teens and parents to follow. The most impactful part of the program is the writing assignment, in which the young offender must write the words they would like the trooper to tell his/her parents when the trooper notifies the teens parents of his/her death in a traffic crash. The parent must also write the words they wish they would have said before they gave the keys to their teen.
Traffic Safety Pyramid.jpg
Drive to Survive Traffic Safety Pyramid Teaching Points.doc
Drive to Survive Powerpoint Presentation
Thrown from Vehicle Clip
Drinking and Driving Clip 1
Drinking and Driving Clip 2
Drinkling and Driving Clip 3
Heaven Can Wait Clip
Think Don't Drink Clip
Trunk Monkey Clip

Driver Examination Stations – Several districts are effectively using driver examination stations to spread the LifeStat message.
• The Bucyrus District has TV/VCR units in each of their stations with looped safety messages playing in their waiting area.
Sample Video - Motorcycles
Sample Video - Safety Belts

• The Jackson District encourages examiners to attend speech details with troopers to help answer questions about their area of responsibility.
• Both DX Supervisors (Bucyrus and Jackson) encourage the examiners to expand on safety information after they have given a driving test.

Edheads – The Patrol has partnered with the educational company Edheads to create a Web-based, animated presentation to teach middle and high school students the principals of what happens in a crash and how crashes are investigated. The Edheads online program gives high school students an opportunity to conduct a traffic crash investigation. The program’s traffic crash scenario is an easy and fun way for students to learn the fundamentals of mathematics and physics as they pertain to crash investigations and the proper mathematical equations used for the type of crash being investigated. The program also includes important traffic safety messages focused toward the teen motorist demographic.
Visit http://www.statepatrol.ohio.gov/edheads.stm for more information.
Postcard Front
Postcard Back
Media Release

High School Parking Permit Program – The Medina Post developed this program aimed at youth drivers in local high schools. The high school requires that each student wanting a parking permit must attend a motor vehicle safety and education class put on by the Highway Patrol. The school sets the dates and schedules the students. One of the benefits of this program is it occurs before school begins and does not interfere with the busy school schedule. This program has been very positive and the Medina Post plans to expand the program for the 2007/08 school year. There is very little effort expended by Post personnel in planning this successful program.

Black Box Monitoring Device – The Lisbon Post has partnered with Crestview High School to place black box monitoring devices in cars driven by high school juniors and seniors on a voluntary agreement with the parents and students. The box records various driving behaviors such as vehicle speed, acceleration and deceleration, and safety belt use. The information can be reported to school officials anonymously by the student’s parents and used by Post units in enforcement and educational programs. The program is funded through a grant from the Governor’s Highway Safety Office.

STOPPED Program – The Lisbon Post, in partnership with all area high schools, local police departments, and the Columbiana County Sheriff’s Office, is involved with the STOPPED program. This initiative begins when a parent requests to have a sticker placed in the window of a student’s car. Whenever the student is stopped by any law enforcement officer, the sticker number is recorded and reported to the sheriff’s office. This information is then given to the parents, so they know their child has had contact with a law enforcement officer, whether it was for a warning, citation, or other reason.

Keep It Safe - WYTV along with The Ohio State Highway Patrol's Warren Post and The Pennsylvania State Police are joining forces to promote “Keep It Safe”, a public service announcement based initiative aimed at high school juniors and seniors to “Keep It Safe” during the upcoming 2008 prom season.

This exciting new initiative will engage juniors and seniors to write and produce their own :30 PSA in specific safety category. To reward their efforts four winners/finalists (from all counties) will be selected (one from each category) who will then work with WYTV staff to produce their own PSA that will air early next year prior to prom season. Best of all, the four finalists/winners will receive a $1,000 scholarship to their select college
Keep It Safe

TESTS Program - Troopers Educating Students Through Sports. Massillon Distrtict Troopers go into high schools and play the faculty in a basketball game and deliver a 15 minute safety presentation at halftime. The TESTS program is designed to educate high school kids on the dangers of drinking and driving. It also focuses on teaching them to make overall good decisions, such as not letting friends drink and drive or drive in a responsible manner.

AAA Driver Improvement Program Traffic School - This course is intended for first time juvenile traffic offenders assigned under the direction of the Athens County Juvenile Court. The three-hour course is offered through the AAA with the help and support of the Athens Patrol Post. In Athens County, the juvenile court determines whether a teen traffic offender should attend the course. Teen attendees are required to attend with a parent or guardian. This interactive, structured program features opening and closing sections for the Highway Patrol, and formal program presentation by a AAA-trained instructor. The curriculum is available in eight specific topic modules, and can be tailored to fit specific local court and community traffic safety needs. In Athens County, the course is conducted at the Athens Patrol Post.

Program contacts and references:
Michael Morgan, President, AAA South Central Ohio
Headquarters AAA Office
1414 12th Street
Portsmouth, OH 45662
(740) 354-5614 (Ext. 252)

Judge Robert Stewart
Athens County Juvenile Court
1 South Court Street
Athens, OH 45701

Dairy Queen Rewards Coupon - The Lancaster Post partnered with the local Dairy Queen in New Lexington in a program the mirrors that of Buckle Up for a Successful Season. Troopers went to the New Lexington High School and observed students driving into school. If the students are wearing their safety belt, then the student is awarded with a coupon to the local Dairy Queen for a free Blizzard.
Example of Coupon

House Bill 343 Poster - This high school information poster was developed to further educate teens about the GDL provisions in House Bill 343. It is part of a series of high school posters designed in partnership with the Mansfield Post and Sgt. Michael Roth. This poster can be displayed in high schools, DXs and other locations where effective teen-oriented local safety marketing can occur.

Teen Tragedy Videos

Remembering Annie Guccione . . . .


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Low Manpower OVI Checkpoints – The Wilmington District is a state leader in utilizing this tool to the maximum. In particular, the Lebanon Post is setting up low manpower checkpoints at least once a month within the post area. District staff can assist others with setting up successful programs. They also have an OVI trailer that is fully equipped with everything to move from location to location.

Every 15 Minutes – Every 15 minutes someone dies as the result of an alcohol-related crash. That is the premise of a national program the Springfield Post has taken advantage of called, "Every 15 Minutes," which has been designed to educate students on the dangers of drinking and driving. The Every 15 Minutes Program offers real-life experience without the real-life risks. This emotionally charged program is designed to dramatically instill teenagers with the potentially dangerous consequences of drinking alcohol. This powerful program challenges students to think about drinking, personal safety, and the responsibility of making mature decisions when lives are involved.

During the first day events the "Grim Reaper" calls students who have been selected from a cross-section of the entire student body out of class. One student is removed from class every 15 minutes. A law enforcement officer immediately enters the classroom to read an obituary which has been written by the "dead" student's parent(s) - explaining the circumstances of their classmate's demise and the contributions the student has made to the school and the community. A few minutes later, the student returns to class as the "living dead," complete with white face make-up, a coroner's tag, and a black Every 15 Minutes T-shirt. From that point on "victims" do not speak or interact with other students for the remainder of the school day. Simultaneously, uniformed officers make mock death notifications to the parents of these children at their home, place of employment or business.

After lunch, a mock fatal crash is staged on the school grounds, through which students experience first-hand, the sensations of being involved in a tragic, alcohol-related crash.

At the end of the day, those students who participated in the staged crash, as well as those who were made-up as the "living dead" are transported to a local hotel for an overnight student retreat. The retreat simulates the separation from friends and family. A support staff of counselors and law enforcement officers facilitate the retreat.

During the most powerful program of the retreat, the students are taken through an audio - visualization of their own death. Then each student writes a letter to his or her parents starting out with . . .

"Dear Mom and Dad, every fifteen minutes someone in the United States dies from an alcohol- related traffic collision, and today I died. I never had the chance to tell you..."

Parents are also asked to write similar letters to their children. These letters are shared the following day when students and parents are reunited at a school assembly.

The students engage in "Challenge Day" exercises and some fun and games. Impaired simulator goggles will be used to allow students to experience first-hand the potentially fatal consequences of alcohol and drug impairment. The goggles allow students the opportunity to understand the dangers of impaired driving without taking a drop of alcohol or using drugs of any type. Research shows that those who learn from hands-on experience retain two to four times more than those who learn from just listening, or from listening and seeing.

On the following morning, a mock funeral service is held at the high school. A student assembly follows, and begins with a video of the previous school day activities including scenes from the "Grim Reaper" and the staged crash. The assembly is hosted by an Officer (Project Coordinator), who guides the audience through the devastating effects of losing a loved one due to a bad choice. Speakers can include students who read letters to their parents, police officers, and hospital personnel who shared their emotional trauma of dealing with kids killed in crashes. Parents also share their personal reflections of their involvement in this program. It is further recommended that a powerful speaker who actually lost a child to a drunk driver be included in the assembly.

The focus of the assembly stresses that the decision to consume alcohol can affect many more people than just the one who drinks. This very emotional and heart-wrenching event illustrates to students the potentially dangerous consequences of their use of alcohol, regardless of how casual they believe their use may be.

More information can be obtained on the, “Every 15 Minutes,” Web site, http://www.every15minutes.com


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Targeted Enforcement

Rolling PSI/PBI – This concept, which was developed by the Portsmouth Post, involves each sergeant being responsible for one of the four top crash-causing violations. Then through use of LINCS, evaluation of the crash picture occurs and a different area is targeted each week. This concept was implemented in August 2006, and the Portsmouth Post did not have a fatal crash through the rest of the year. The Portsmouth post commander could help others develop the concept.

Adopt–A–Route – The Warren post commander developed this concept through which each trooper to take it upon him/herself to utilize the information in LINCS and localized data to designate a roadway the trooper wants to “adopt”. Upon being approved by a sergeant, the trooper then works a portion of their time on “their” roadway to affect the crash picture. Supervisors allow the units to go direct to the line at the start of their shift, if the statistics support the coverage. This allows the troopers to take a vested interest in roadways in and around their home or their children’s schools.

Troopers-N-Townships – The Mansfield post commander developed this idea because he was tired of hearing residents say things like, “we knew someone was going to get killed here,” when he went to the scene of fatal crashes. He designed this program to gain those resident’s input on area problems in an effort to prevent such tragedies from occurring. Through the program, post personnel have given out e-mail addresses and phone numbers for people to contact the post with traffic safety concerns. When an area of concern is recorded from the public, a trooper who is responsible for that particular township is assigned to follow up on the issue. The trooper may work the area or assign other shift members to work in order to address the problem. After the trooper addresses the issue and they feel it is under control, the trooper then calls the resident back with the results of the effort. The concept is well received and encourages the positive feedback.
• One on the first complaints was of a woman speeding in a school zone every morning. The next day a trooper stopped the woman for a high speed in the zone with her children, and she was OVI.

Trumbull County Traffic Safety Initiative (TCTSI) – The Warren post commander has worked to develop the Trumbull County Traffic Safety Initiative (TCTSI), which is a collaborative enforcement effort of Trumbull County law enforcement agencies aimed at increasing traffic safety throughout Trumbull County. The objective of this initiative is to modify the bad driving behaviors that contribute to motor vehicle crashes. This is accomplished through a comprehensive enforcement effort that targets bad driving behaviors. The enforcement efforts are targeted towards identified routes that traverse multiple jurisdictions. The TCTSI provides an operational umbrella for multiple agencies to work under as a traffic safety enforcement team.

The first enforcement wave occurred on From February 13, 2007 on US 422 to May 23, 2007, TCTSI worked 10 operations. The participating agencies have provided officers by assigning regular patrol units to work the program and through agency overtime. During the first 10 operations, TCTSI generated over 1,000 traffic stops, over 300 speed citations, nearly 250 safety belt citations, nearly 50 driving under suspension arrests, and nearly 100 hundred other violations to include 15 warrants and three OVI arrests.

The enforcement waves were scheduled in four hour blocks with start times that varied between 6:00 am, 7:00 am, 10:00 am and 2:00 pm. This high-visibility, sustained, targeted, and multi-agency enforcement effort has generated positive community feedback. TCTSI will continue to coordinate one enforcement wave per month in addition to the enforcement efforts each agency schedules weekly

Signs - Toledo PSI Signs for ACDA Crashes
The Toledo Post developed two signs in conjunction with a PSI in the Spring Meadows shopping area at Interstate 475 and State Route 2 in Lucas County. The idea was developed by a sergeant and dispatcher due to the large volume of ACDA crashes in the area. There are many new businesses in that area which draw a great deal of traffic, and it is in close proximity to the entrance and exit ramps to Interstate 475.

Example 1
Example 2


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Local Business Partnerships & Community Outreach

I am a Safety Kid - Developed by Lt. Michael Marucci at the Ravenna Post with Portage County Safe Communities, the aim of the program is to create awareness among pre-school and kindergarten children in the hope they will share safety messages, including the, ‘Buckle up,’ message with their parents. A short video was produced for the program to be shown in pre-school and kindergarten classes. A copy of the video can be obtained by contacting the Public Affairs Unit.


Safety messages on local bank envelopes – The Ironton Post went to the Oak Hill Bank, a local widespread bank in Southern Ohio, and developed bank money envelopes with safety messages on them. The bank uses them in every branch to help spread the message of traffic safety. The Ironton post commander could assist others with this program.
Bank envelope 1 (.pdf)
Bank envelope 2 (.pdf)
Bank envelope 3 (.pdf)
Bank envelope 4 (.pdf)
Bank envelope 5 (.pdf)

McDonald’s Partnership – Developed by the Jackson post, personnel partnered with the local McDonald’s to reach a key demographic (18-28 year olds) involved in a majority of the post’s fatal and serious injury crashes. During pre-arranged times, as motorists went through the restaurant drive-through and were observed by a trooper to be wearing a safety belt, the driver and other belted vehicle occupants received a coupon for free French fries or sandwich at the local restaurant. Additionally, a promotional Partners for Safety poster, that included both post and McDonald’s personnel was prominently displayed in the restaurant.
Poster Jackson McDonalds.jpg

Buckle Up Week - The Bucyrus, Sandusky, Norwalk and Marion patrol posts from D2 partnered with McDonalds to do a safety belt campaign.
Handout - side 1
Handout - side 2

Newspaper Quizzes – Bucyrus District posts have made arrangements for placement of traffic safety-related quizzes to be placed in area newspapers. The local papers have donated space each month to print these to increase awareness for specific post areas of concern. (The teen driving issue has even caused one of the papers to do an additional article on the new law and get the local post commander's thoughts on the issue.)
D2 newspaper quiz-1.jpg
D2 newspaper quiz-2.jpg
D2 newspaper quiz-3.jpg

Wear your Seatbelt…and You Just Might Win a Car – The Wapakoneta Post participated in the, “Wear your Seatbelt…and You Just Might Win a Car,” initiative in partnership with the Celina Police Department. The program began in the spring 2007, and 20 high school seniors were eligible for a drawing if they had not previously been cited for a traffic offense, including a safety belt violation. The 20 students selected were each randomly given keys, one of which would start a Ford vehicle donated by a local dealership. The event received significant news coverage, and proved to be a positive incentive program for students to wear safety belts. The Post developed banners in conjunction with the Visual Communications Unit to promote the event.
Win a car banner.jpg

Movie Theater Ads - The Fremont Post joined forces with their local movie theaters to have a safety belt ad run before movies. Cinemedia covers many states and much of Ohio. In the Bucyrus Distict, for example, they have theaters in 4 out of 6 post areas. This ad will reach an estimated 31,562 people. (captured audience)
Example Ad

If anyone would be interested in setting this up in their District they can contact:

National Cinemedia
Jen Ackerman

Change of Oil Sticker & Brochure- Flynn’s Tire & Auto Service, along with Ohio State Highway Patrol troopers from the Ravenna Post, are promoting a safer highway environment by reminding and encouraging all drivers to make safety a priority everywhere, every time. Five Flynn’s Tire & Auto Service stations (in Kent, Dover, Orrville, Youngstown and Austintown), are distributing a driver safety brochure produced by the Patrol’s Visual Communications Unit to customers, along with a static oil change reminder sticker that carries a, “Buckle Up,” message, and the Patrol’s logo.

The brochure includes a reminder for motorists to plan ahead, make responsible decisions, and help others do the same. Also, a safety belt and 1-877-7-PATROL (1-877-772-8765) reminder are included in the text.

Other specific traffic safety information contained in the brochure includes:

  • Reminder to Carry the “Safe Seven” in your vehicle;
  • What to do if you witness a crash, if you see a stranded motorist, or if you break down; and
  • A guide for detecting alcohol or drug-impaired drivers.


Bengals, CPD and OSP OVI Message - “Fans don’t let fans drive drunk,” is the message from the Cincinnati Bengals, Ohio State Highway Patrol’s Batavia Post and Cincinnati Police Department in an OVI awareness message this NFL season.

Bengals players Shayne Graham and Chinedum Ndukwe appear in a commercial about the dangers of impaired driving that is airing during weekly broadcasts of Bengals Weekly, as well as on internal monitors and scoreboards at Paul Brown Stadium during Bengals home games. There are also associated Web site messages supporting the effort.
30 sec. Commercial

Bengals, CPD and OSP OVI/Taxi card - The three teamed up again the following season to produce a wallet sized card with OVI stats on one side and local taxi cab phone numbers on the other.
Wallet Taxi Card

University of Cincinnati, CPD and OSP OVI/Taxi card - The three teamed to produce a wallet sized card with OVI stats on one side and local taxi cab phone numbers on the other.
Wallet Taxi Card

Ohio Turnpike Commission (OTC) Buckle-Up Campaign - In the summer 2009, the Milan Post partnered with the Ohio Turnpike Commission and Travel Boards, Inc., to educate motorists traveling on the Ohio Turnpike about leading crash-causing violations, safety belt usage, reporting criminal activity and promoting the Turnpike as one of the safest roads in the nation.

Included were four video commercials that aired on the closed-circuit televisions network in 10 of the 14 Turnpike Plazas. Featured topics for the commercials were: Safety on the Turnpike; Construction Zones; Speed Too Fast for Conditions; and Safe Driving Involving Commercial Vehicles. Also, a gas pump sticker was developed for safety education messaging, which was displayed on many of the Turnpike Plaza gas pumps and viewed as a graphic on Turnpike Plaza monitors.
Gas Pump Topper
Coffee Coupon
Turnpike Safety Video
Too Fast Video
Construction Video
Lane Change Video


Sandusky Post, Menards and ThorSport Racing - These three teamed up for a safety belt message. Half pinchbook sized cards were created for distribution. A banner was created as well, to be hung in the Menards store.

Bucyrus Post and Pizza Hut - Teamed up to distribute a safety belt message on fliers on top of the pizza boxes.


Child Safety Seat Give-away

Bucyrus Post's Lt. Norman joined with the Bucyrus Community Hospital in a booster seat give away. The Hospital along with other local organizations donated 200 new booster seats to be given away to those in financial stress during these tough economic times. Photo


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Motorcycle Safety

Motorcycle Testing – The Findlay District has a trooper attend every session of motorcycle testing at the driver examination stations. The trooper talks to each rider about the importance of wearing helmets and motorcycle safety. This program has been well-received by the riders, and is also used to promote the Ohio Department of Public Safety’s Motorcycle Ohio courses - http://www.motorcycle.ohio.gov/.

North Coast Motorcycle Memorial Safety Ride – The Ashtabula Post experienced a large number of motorcyclists dying in crashes in 2005. The post commander developed the North Coast Motorcycle Memorial Safety Ride, which visited the site of each crash and included educational information in the format. This expanded into Geauga County in 2006 and will grow into Lake County in 2007. It has been well received and supported by the local motorcycle dealerships and the public.

Ride Smart. Drive Smart. - Extensive information and materials are available on the Buckle Up for a Successful Season Web site: http://statepatrol.ohio.gov/motorcycle.stm - The Ohio State Highway Patrol and American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) have continued their Ride Smart. Drive Smart. safety education partnership for a third riding season. Three key safety messages stressed through the program are:
• Ride trained/Ride licensed – ensuring riders have a valid motorcycle endorsement, quality motorcycle training, and proper safety equipment. Also, resources are provided to find examination stations.
• Ride sober – incorporating the AMA’s national Ride Straight program.
• Motorcycle awareness - Troopers are stressing the importance of drivers being aware of motorcyclists.
Ride Smart. Drive Smart. Handouts

Crash Handout Cards - Localized crash cards give crash stats and an image of a motorcyle crash. The card has the Ride Smart. Drive Smart. message and theme.
Marysville Post Example
Athens Post Example
Cambridge Example
St. Clairsville Example

Newspaper Ad - The Marysville Post meets monthly with various agencies such as the Union County Health Department, Union County Sheriffs Office, Union County Board of Elections, Union County Memorial Hospital, and the Marysville Police Department which make up the Safe Communities/Safe Kids (SCSK) Coalition. The SCSK Coalition is involved in impaired driving/alcohol awareness campaigns, safety belt & child seat safety, as well as other community safety oriented programs.

This year the Marysville Post has an opportunity to be part of an educational effort with the SCSK Coalition that will involve an 8-page newspaper insert in two area newspapers. Lt. Rick Zwayer, Marysville Post Commander, provided the attached ad for inclusion within the 8-page insert.


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Handouts, Cards & Posters

Garfield Safety Belt Poster for youngsters - The Bucyrus Post initiated this effort to create and distribute posters to all of the district's elementary schools to promote buckling-up among youngsters. District staff obtained approval to use the Garfield image in these posters throughout Ohio. If you would like copies of this poster to distribute to schools in your area, contact Public Affairs.


Teen Driving Myths

Mock Crash Handouts


LifeStat Statistic Cards – Several of the posts in the Warren District post commanders designed area-specific statistics cards for troopers to hand out to violators. This helps to educate the public, as well as the troopers on the area problems. Troopers give them out on traffic stops, motor vehicle inspection sites and during speech details.
LifeStat Cards-Ashtabula.jpg
LifeStat Cards-Ashtabula2.jpg

Safety Belt Cards – Developed by the Jackson Post to promote the importance of safety belt usage. Troopers handed out information cards containing crash and safety belt statistics in Jackson and Vinton counties during any enforcement contact that included a safety belt violation.
Crash Stats-Vinton/Jackson.jpg
Crash Stats2-Vinton/Jackson.jpg

Calendars – Post commanders at Ravenna and Marysville have developed calendars that serve as useful tools to continuously promote the LifeStat message.
• The Ravenna calendar shows safety messages designed by area school children in an effort to educate parents and grandparents in the Portage County area.
Ravenna calendar (.pdf)
Application to enter contest design1
Application to enter contest design2
Letter to Parents (.doc)
Letter to Principle (.doc)

• The Marysville calendar shows photographs of fatal traffic crashes throughout the post’s area of responsibility.
Marysville Calendar

Marysville Information Cards - These two-sided cards, with photos and information about leading fatal crash causing violations in the Marysville Post area, are distributed by Marysville troopers as necessary during enforcement contacts to further illustrate the reason for the traffic stop. The cards have a photo of a local crash caused by the following four factors: Speeding, Improper Lane Change/Left of Center, Failure to Yield and Assured Clear Distance Ahead/Following Too Closely.
Example Card

Dayton Information Card - These two-sided cards were developed in partnership with the Preble County Sheriff's Office to address the increase in fatal crashes on Preble County roads.
Example Card

Dayton Metro Initiative Card - These two-sided cards were developed with the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office, the Dayton Police Department and the Trotwood Police Department to address the top crash causing violations in Montgomery County and includes tips to stay safe.
Example Card

Chardon Bilingual Information Card - These two-sided cards were developed with a partnership with HOLA, a local Hispanic Organization, to try to educate both Spanish and English speaking people within the community about traffic safety.
Example Card

Information Card - These two sided cards were developed to illustrate the top fatal crash causing violations.
Circleville Example

Granville Example

Marietta Example

Lebanon Card

Steubenville Card


Mansfield Post Buckle Up/Distracted Driving Cards -This two-sided card highlights both local and statewide statistics on fatals involving not wearing a safety belt and distracted driving.

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Safety Education PowerPoint Presentations

The Ohio State Highway Patrol: Safety Net for Ohio Law Enforcement – This PowerPoint presentation covers Ohio State Highway Patrol history, including an overview of the Division’s establishment, duties, responsibilities, and key historical events. Furthermore, it provides a look at 2006 crash-reduction and enforcement statistics and successes, and operational aspects of the Patrol that help keep the general public safe. The PowerPoint can be used as a stand-alone piece, or can easily be tailored to include local information.
OSHP – Ohio’s safety net.ppt


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Mature Drivers

Partnership with AAA for Mature Drivers – The program is a partnership between the Elyria Post and AAA. The combined presentation covers proper driving techniques, vehicle safety devices, age limitations and diminishing skills, times, days and locations where the crashes are occurring, and information on avoiding those areas. ORC law updates are also covered as part of the presentation. The classes occur at the Elyria Post on the last Wednesday of each month. Additionally, Post personnel, along with the AAA, have started going to local senior centers to present the information. This program was developed to address the increasing number of mature drivers being involved in fatal crashes in the Post area. Through institution of this program in January 2007, traffic fatalities in the mature driver age demographic have decreased in the Elyria Post area.


Serving Our Seniors - Sandusky Post - The Lieutenant is a member of the Serving Our Seniors Community Relations Committee that meets on a monthly basis and discusses ways to assist the organization in meeting its objectives. The organization speaks with seniors about their driving issues as well as passes out literature at local fairs and other events.

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PowerPoint Presentations

Patrol Overview

Safety Belts

Speeding/Aggressive Driving

Impaired Driving

Mature Drivers

Teen Driving

Traffic Safety Tips


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Adult Drivers

Responsible Driver Adult Educational Class - The Chillicothe Post is partnering with the Chillicothe Municipal Court and Chillicothe Law Director in sponsoring the, “Responsible Driver Adult Educational Class.”  This program focuses on educating drivers age 18 to 54 who have committed a minor misdemeanor traffic offense.

Those who fit the following requirements are eligible to participate in the program:

  • Not had a moving violation within the last 12 months;
  • Committed no more than three traffic violations in the past 10 years;
  • Not previously completed the program; and
  • Not been rejected from the program.

The driver must appear before the judge, plead guilty and apply for the program. The driver is instructed to contact the Patrol post and schedule for the next class. Chillicothe Post Personnel are tasked with instructing the three hour program, using a lesson plan specifically designed for this program.

Benefits of successfully completing the program include:

  • The traffic case will be dismissed and no points will be assessed to the driving record;
  • Attendees gain increased knowledge and improved driving skills; and
  • Many insurance companies offer discounts for successful completion.

A court information sheet has also been developed, which is issued along with every waiver able traffic citation.  This program has proven to be an effective tool to reach this age group in a positive and educational manner.

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